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Pacific Legacy Property Management
700 Seacoast Drive, Suite 103
Imperial Beach, CA 91932-1875

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(619) 423-7500

Maintenance Hotline
(619) 423-7542

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(619) 423-7500


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions
2. Rent Payment
3. Maintenance
4. Security Deposits
5. Move-Out
6. Home Ownership

  General Questions

Q - Where are you located?

A - Our corporate headquarters is located at 700 Seacoast Drive, Suite 103, Imperial Beach, CA 91932 Click here for more information

Q - What hours are the hours of operation?
A - Our office is open from 8:30am - 5pm

Q - I found a property that I would like to look at, how do I go view it?
A - Give our office a call! Our phone number is 619-423-7500

  Rent Payment

Q - I did some repairs around my house, can I take that amount off of my rent?

A - Absolutely not. Without prior approval, the amount of rent due is your contracted amount. There are some situations where rent deductions are allowed, but only if they have been pre-approved by management.

Q - Do you accept payment by credit card?

A - Not at this time. Payments are currently accepted by check, cashier's check, money order, or online by e-check. Visit the Resident Portal for more information.

Q - I forgot my password! Help!
A - Click here to visit the "Forgot your Password" link from the Resident Portal.


Q - I am having a plumbing problem! What do I do?

A - Call our office immediately! The phone number is 619-423-7500. We will make sure that it gets fixed! Please fill out a maintenance request form to alert us of any problems.

Q - I need some work done, what do I do?

A - Simple! Just fill out our maintenance request form. We will take it from there and contact you shortly regarding our solution to fix your maintenance request.

  Security Deposits

Q - I want to receive my full security deposit refund after I move out. What can I do to insure that I receive as much as possible?

A - Keep in mind that your security deposit will be used to restore your rental to a rentable condition. Remember how clean it was? Remember how nice it looked when you moved into it? After anyone moves out, we have all carpets professionally cleaned. The apartment is also professionally cleaned. If you choose to have your own company do this cleaning, please provide us with receipts. This will prevent the cost from coming out of your security deposit. You are entitled to a walk-through before you move out, so we can point out what will be charged to your security deposit. Please call your local office to schedule a walk-through appointment.

Q - When can I expect to receive my security deposit refund?

A - Please be patient and keep in mind that we have work to complete in your rental upon move-out. This work takes time to complete and we often have to wait to receive bills from our vendors. To expedite the process, make sure that our office has your current forwarding address. Your refund check will be mailed in accordance with state laws.

Q - I have more questions about the security deposit!

A - If you would like to learn more about the security deposit refund process, please visit the California Department of Consumer Affairs publication titled California Tenants - A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsibilities.


Q - I am thinking about moving out. What things should I consider?

A - There are several things to consider before you move out. One of the first is that you must notify our office no sooner than 45 days, and no later than 30 days prior to move out. Further information can be found in your rental agreement.

  Home Ownership

Q - I'm looking to make the transition between renting and owning. Do you provide assistance with home ownership?

A - Congratulations! We have several options for you and would be more than happy to walk you through your options!