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  • Humor – Collection Cartoon

    Humor – Collection Cartoon

    “Send him our toughest collection letter, threaten him with legal action, and subliminally suggest some type of bodily harm. But put xoxoxo under my signature as Board President to show that we will love him as a neighbor.” – GLASBERGEN […]

  • Humor – Budget Cartoon

    Humor – Budget Cartoon

    “The homeowners donated this robot to help the Board with this year’s budget.” – TED GOFF      

  • Humor – Quorum Cartoon

    Humor – Quorum Cartoon

    “We can always achieve quorum by proposing a large special assessment.” – TED GOFF      

  • Humor – Payment Cartoon

    Humor – Payment Cartoon

    “…if you have already sent us payment, lease accept our apology for the death threat and warm wishes for the holiday season.” – GLASBERGEN    

  • Humor – Pet Cartoon

    Humor – Pet Cartoon

    “Finally, the first approved pet for homeowner associations.” – TED GOFF    

  • Humor – Collection Cartoon

    Humor – Collection Cartoon

    “Unless we receive the outstanding balance of your HOA dues within ten days, we will have no choice by to destroy your credit rating, ruin your reputation, and make you wish you were never born. If you have already sent […]